Top Wedding Dress Trends For 2022

With news that lockdown restrictions are expected to be fully lifted by June 21st this year, there’s certainly light at the end of the tunnel for the beleaguered wedding industry - and no doubt there are countless happy couples out there now really looking forward to wedding planning in serious earnest.

Taking a look at the latest wedding trends is certainly a good idea to help with the planning process, as there are all sorts of different decisions that need to be made and it can seem quite overwhelming at first.

Sitting down to take it task by task and approaching it in an organised way is definitely advisable, making the planning process a lot more fun and far more achievable, helping you get the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Where wedding dresses are concerned, it seems that a contemporary look is proving very popular right now, with celebrity wedding dress designer Suzanne Neville telling Glamour Magazine that we can expect to see lots of suits, trousers, jumpsuits, unusual sleeves and even shorts making an appearance in 2022.

Other dress trends of note include detachable elements so the look and feel of the gown can change throughout the day and into the evening. Capes are also expected to be big news over the coming months, as well as overskirts, applique on veils and sustainability, with dresses that can be worn again and again also predicted to be big news.

As for the rest of the ceremony, emerging trends include warm earthy colours, vintage stationery, nature and greenery, and more relaxed and informal events, as a result of the pandemic.

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