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Dear bride-to-be!

When I got engaged a couple of years ago, every dress I wanted was unbelievably expensive. Every ‘boutique’ in London seemed unaffordable and anything online looked far too cheaply made and bad quality. What I wanted was a luxurious wedding dress - something beautiful, elegant, well made, well designed, made to my measurements and importantly… reasonably priced!

I moved to London over 10 years ago and I knew many of my old friends back home were paying significantly less for their dresses than I was being asked to in London for mine. Indeed, many of the top brands manufacture their dresses in European factories or in China but with a significant ‘high street’ mark-up on price.

I therefore set out to find workshops across Europe that could make luxury wedding dresses for me, with an aim to deliver cost-effective solutions for elegant brides-to-be. I set out to provide bespoke luxury dresses - made to a bride’s specific measurements - without the ‘boutique’ or ‘high street’ mark-up. I set out to ensure I could be direct to consumer; no middlemen, no third-party retailers. This would ensure a streamlined, cost-efficient process for brides-to-be. A place where brides-to-be could choose from stunning designs or create their own dream wedding dress from scratch if they so desire...

…and so Aeternum Bridal was born!

The fact that the wedding dresses (one for the ceremony and one for the evening) I wore at my own wedding in King's College Chapel, Cambridge were made in one of our workshops should give you some comfort!

I spent the best part of a year hunting for manufacturers and suppliers, and the workshops I now use are indeed dotted throughout Europe. The dresses I am able to offer you are indeed luxury, the very best quality, the very best designs, made using the finest materials and are at the lowest prices in the market for comparable, genuinely bespoke dresses.

If you have any questions or would like a consultation to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy browsing through our wonderful dresses!


Kate Harries, Co-founder

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