Short Wedding Dresses Are The Latest Bridal Trend

The vaccine rollout has given the UK renewed optimism of an end to the lockdown and the pandemic and has also infiltrated the bridal market. After over a year of cancelled, postponed, and downsized weddings, this summer is looking anything but subdued.

With couples being able to plan the weddings they dreamed about, many are once again thinking about going big, and throwing a huge party - and wedding fashion trends are also taking on the party vibe, with mini bridal dresses showing that brides are searching for fun rather than traditional.

After a year of uncertainty, experts are predicting a shift towards party wear and maximalism as brides, grooms, and guests will want to make the most of being able to celebrate huge life moments in person again.

Whether you’re a guest or a participant at a wedding this year,  you may want to look at show-stopping dresses, bold suits, statement accessories, and high heels again, with the age of the Zoom wedding falling behind us, and 2021 is the year that the party comes back.

Brides are seeking looks that are packed with personality over traditional trappings, and Google searches for short wedding dresses are up by 170 per cent, embellished pants by 37 per cent, and rhinestone heels, currently the most popular show style to walk down the aisle in, up by 31 per cent.

There is, of course, a fashion accessory that everyone will need to have, and ‘bridal’, ‘wedding’, and ‘matching’ face masks have been generating over 30,000 searches every month as gusts seek out snazzier face coverings than standard medical-grade versions.

Overall, online searches for wedding attire have almost quadrupled year-on-year, so if you’re attending a wedding this year, expect some rather extra-special looks!


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