Increase In Searches For Maternity Wedding Dresses

Online searches for maternity dresses have increased by 80 per cent, according to a wedding planning website.

Data revealed from Hitched shows that 71 per cent of couples in the UK have postponed their wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it seems they have not wanted to put other life plans on hold, such as starting a family.

It means that many brides will be pregnant on their big day, and Hitched reports a 136 per cent increase in its maternity wedding day content.

The post-COVID baby boom has been echoed throughout the maternity bridal industry, with showrooms and designers confirming they have seen a surge in demand for maternity outfits.

Galia Lahav head designer for Sharon Sever said that at the beginning of the pandemic, the dress designer tried to anticipate how the market would react, and laughingly suggested an increase in pregnant brides, not knowing how true that would end up being.

“The 'pregnant bride' trend is definitely happening. Many brides prefer to hide it and ask to rush their gowns' creation, but the women who choose to embrace their new status, go all out and opt for a bridal look that will emphasise and compliment the new bump. It's almost like the new and beautiful accessory for post-COVID brides,” he said.

Sarah Allard, the editor of Hitched, said it was fantastic to see an interest in maturing bridal styles and baby-friendly wedding planning, adding that it was a welcome positive sign that many couples have not been deterred or pressured to make changes to life plans during the pandemic.

“Our data suggests that brides who were previously waiting to get married before they started a family haven’t let rescheduling their wedding prevent them from taking that next step,” she said.

“It’s really encouraging to know that everyone will be able to feel confident and look their best at ceremonies and receptions this summer.”


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