How To Choose The Fabric Of Your Wedding Dress

When it comes to selecting your perfect wedding dress, you may have paid a lot of attention to the silhouette and colour, but the fabric also plays an important role in the overall look and feel of your outfit. You may already know exactly what you want, but if like many, you are not really sure, here is a quick guide to the most popular fabrics.



This delicate feminine fabric is the most popular choice for wedding dresses. It is available in an endless variety of patterns, weights, and textures, and is light enough to suit any shape of dress. It can be overlayed onto a plain fabric for an old-fashioned style, or worn dainty and open weaved. Your choice of weave may depend on the season.



This floaty fabric is perfect for a summer wedding. It is made from woven silk or rayon, which gives an airy lightness to a full skirt, so it looks great on ballroom or A line silhouettes.

If your vibe is vintage boho, this could be the perfect fabric for you. It is generally worn in layers or as an overlay, owing to its transparency.



Brocade is made from silk or synthetic fibres and has a raised pattern, known as jacquard, woven into the fabric. The material is less heavy than satin, but full enough to carry off a structured silhouette. It will look sophisticated and stylish for a traditional wedding in a colder climate.



The traditional choice for brides, the sumptuous sheen of satin will look glamorous and slinky, particularly for ball gown styles. It is available in a variety of weights, so it is suitable for all seasons. Satin refers to the finish rather than the fabric, so it can be made from silk, or a more affordable polyester blend.


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