How To Choose A Dress For A Destination Wedding

If you are set to make your wishes come true this year or next, by getting married in your dream location on a beach or a romantic castle abroad, you will want the perfect dress to complement the special event. Here are some useful points to bear in mind if you are choosing an outfit for a destination wedding.



Think about the practicalities of moving about in your chosen location; you will want something that will stand up to lively sea breezes if you are getting married on the beach, for example. Choose light fabrics that will glide over sand, or shorter or closely fitted styles, which will be more practical than a long full skirt.

If you are getting married in a castle or a country estate, a more traditional ballgown style in organza, silk, or satin will capture the mood perfectly.



You will want to feel comfortable in your dress, and not be shivering or boiling hot. For a winter wedding, choose heavier fabrics such as brocade or piqué, and add a bolero jacket or a glamourous shawl to keep warm as the photos are taken. For a hot climate, go for light fabrics such as chiffon or organza.

If you really want to embrace the location, you could also include nods to the local culture in your choice of fabric or accessories; a piece of lace or pendant jewellery for example.



It is a good idea to ask the dressmaker to pack the dress in a secured dress carrier for you, rather than risk folding into a suitcase. Carry it on board with you if you are flying, and ask the attendant if there is a closet where it can be hung out of harm’s way, or lay it carefully in the overhead compartment.

Check if the hotel will be able to steam it for you on arrival; if not, you could bring your own hand-held steamer, or if all else fails, hang it in a steamy shower room for a while to get the worst of the creases out.


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