Could A Short Wedding Dress Be What You’re Looking For?

When we think of wedding dresses, most of us probably immediately picture a full-length white gown with a long flowing train. But, while these can undoubtedly be stunning, there is nothing that says we have to go with a traditional wedding dress.

One option is to choose a dress that has a shorter hemline, with an article for MSN recently pointing out that this style of dress is actually perfect for outdoor weddings.

They are highly practical and you certainly won’t have to worry about getting grass stains on your white gown. Plus, we all know that it’s easier to dance when you’re in a shorter dress rather than one with a huge train.

Depending on your budget, you could even get two dresses - one with the long train if that’s always been your dream for walking down the aisle, and another with that shorter hemline for an evening change of outfit that allows you to dance the night away.

When we say shorter hemline, that doesn’t have to mean all the way up to your thighs (although of course it can). It could also mean opting for a calf-length dress instead. Then there are dresses with hemlines that skim just above the ankle.

The news provider also noted that a short and less traditional style of dress is great if you’d prefer to have a modern and contemporary vibe at your nuptials.

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