3 Reasons You Need Two Wedding Dresses

Choosing your bridal gown is often considered to be one of the most exciting aspects of a wedding, but narrowing your choice down to one dress can be stressful. However, many brides are now choosing two dresses for their big day.

It is a trend that many celebs have already adopted, with Gwen Stefani choosing a dress for the ceremony, and a dress for the reception of her wedding to musical Blake Shelton recently. Maybe a second dress for the reception sounds excessive, but in fact, it is very practical.

Here are three reasons to take the two-dress route.


  1. Comfort

Bridal gowns can often be elaborate, with long trains, heavy beadwork, and tight, corseted wasters, and can become rather uncomfortable if worn all during a long day. Lace and details can get caught on furniture, and when all that champagne means visits to the restrooms, that train is going to be a bother.

A reception dress can allow for freer movement, and easier to manage, and be more comfortable when partying into the early hours.


  1. Creativity

Fashion is a mode of self-expression. On your big day, you and your partner will be the centre of attention. You might want to use this opportunity to get creative! While you may want a traditional wedding dress, your reception dress could be a bright colour, or have a fun print, like polka dots, flowers, or whatever you like!


  1. Conserve

Some wedding gowns, particularly if they’re family heirlooms passed down the generations, can be quite delicate. Vintage fabrics such as lace are very fine and fragile. It is easy to protect your great-grandmother’s vintage gown while walking down the aisle, but it’s s different matter when it comes to mingling, eating and dancing later in the day.

Keep your vintage gown safe, and wear a second dress to your reception! 

Whether you intend to have two dresses for your big day or just the one, if you’re looking for luxury wedding dress designers in the UK, get in touch today.