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The Arden dress is the one that is all about the detail. Whilst the skirt comes in a simple a-line style, it is the delicate details that are all over the skirt that really bring it to life. When you combine this with the v-neck bodice that is covered in embellishments and has some glitz on the straps, you can see how special this dress really is.

Why choose an Aeternum Bridal dress?

Your wedding dress will be 100% made to your measurements and delivered to you.  All of our dresses are handmade in the best workshops across Europe.

By selling directly to you, Aeternum Bridal is able to eliminate the high markups of traditional retail. For this reason, we can offer the most luxurious products at the most competitive prices.

If you are ready to order and wish to understand the next steps, please see ourprocess page or alternatively we are happy to have a call or meeting to discuss any questions you might have regarding your dress, so pleasecontact us if you need any further information prior to placing an order.


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